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Despite mild Kaos reigning behind the scenes at the burgh, we bid farewell to the main festival season that culminated at the Blackwood Gathering in deepest Northumbria, whilst bearing witness to Saor, Lychgate and Urfaust amongst others!

With the armoury being consolidated you will finally see the fruits of this summers labours with hundreds more products set to appear.

Before the clocks turn much will happen, but in the meantime keep your eyes sharp and await the Black, Doom, Pagan and Deathly onslaught that is to be assembled!

 Ealdorman Benjamin



Counting down the days for this as should all 666 of you who currently like this page, sure to be immense! One of the bands that truly helped spearhead a renaissance in UK Black Metal, leading many of us onto enjoyable and enlightening investigations of Englands mighty Anglo Saxon heritage! ... See MoreSee Less

The new Winterfylleth record The Dark Hereafter is out on 30th September 2016. Preorders begin within the coming weeks C. Naughton S. Lucas N. Wallwork D. Capp M. Deeks

3 months ago  ·  

Well it's been a while and Hell I’ve heard a lot of middling shite recently, but I’ve been apathetic and distracted, so it’s taken something pretty almighty to snap me back into the hate! Just two fragments off no one’s favourite band Six Feet Under’s most recent waste of the planets resources ‘Graveyard Classics IV’ in fact!

The first instalment was a poor joke, the second (a rerecording of ‘Back in Black’ in it’s entirety no less) milking the cash cow and third flogging a dead horse so really how people are still buying this by the fourth album is BEYOND me, but buy it they will. Maybe you can look forward to some bright spark putting it on during a long drive / coach journey to some fest far enough away that you’ll have to listen to it all with no escape, await that moment with the dread it deserves.

On a happier note I finally got hold of a physical copy of Murg’s “Varg & Bjorn” a year or more since it came out and in time for the summer hiking season so catapult me back to a time of vintage Satyricon, Taake and that killer sound that seemed to emanate from the Norwegian forests some 20 years ago!

Check it out, you’ll also find physical copies on the Mercian Storm website if you’re convinced! Message me if you need the vinyl!!
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4 months ago  ·  

I must say I do like a bit of a trip down memory lane with Hecate Enthroned! Firing on all cylinders yet again!! ... See MoreSee Less

6 months ago  ·