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Satanic Warmaster – Fimbulwinter CD


Satanic Warmaster



Werewolf Records

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Artist: Satanic Warmaster

Title: Fimbulwinter

Format: CD

Label: Werewolf Productions

Description: One of my stand out albums of 2014 the excellent new album from the True Werwolf delivers the most complete Satanic Warmaster record since 2005’s ‘Carelian Satanist Madness’!

Surprisingly this seems to have been made by the addition of actual band members to the horde (though of course the vast majority of the music and all the lyrics remain in his hands) creating a more organic feeling to ‘Fimbulwinter’ that evokes the atmosphere of Black Metal’s celebrated second wave, infusing the like of Immortal’s ferocity with the cold dark melody of Dissection, while still maintaining it’s proud Finnish origins.


Recommended For Fans Of: Immortal, Horna, The True Werewolf and Dissection.

Track Listing:


1. Fimbulwinter’s Spell 05:01
2. Funeral Wolves 05:29
3. Korppi (Vornat cover) 06:20
4. When Thunders Hail 05:00
5. Dragon’s Egg 06:57
6. Nuin-Gaer-Faun 07:15
7. Winter’s Hunger 07:14
8. Silent Call of Moon’s Temples 08:22   instrumental



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