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Enthral – Prophecies of the Dying



Prophecies of the Dying

Reissue CD


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Artist: Enthral

Title: Prophecies of the Dying

Format: Reissue CD

Label: Frostcald

Description: Reissue of actual underground Norwegian Black Metal from the late 1990’s!

Recommended For Fans Of: Gorgoroth, Old Mans Child and Virus.

Track Listing:
1.     Salig er den som Lir     11:12
2.     Prophecies of the Dying – Kundalini (Serpent Power)     09:16
3.     Prophecies of the Dying – Part II     10:45
4.     A Divine Tragedy     11:10
5.     Enchanted by the Serpent Spell     08:03
6.     Thy Passionate Despair     11:21
7.     Saliger den som lir (Hidden Track)     01:06
Run Time: 1:02:53

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