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Dread Sovereign – For Doom the Bell Tolls Digipak CD


Dread Sovereign
For Doom the Bell Tolls
Digipak CD
Van Records

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Artist: Dread Sovereign

Title: For Doom the Bell Tolls

Format: Digipak CD

Label: Van Records

Description: Van Records proudly presents the sophomore album of DREAD SOVEREIGN – a Dublin-based trio who specialise in true, evil doom. DREAD SOVEREIGN is Nemtheanga (vocals & bass), Dubh Sol (drums) and Bones (guitar); a triumvirate of old school attitude and arcane spirituality. Although retaining the rugged, epic drama of Primordial (in which Nemtheanga and Dubh Sol both perform), DREAD SOVEREIGN are distinctly different; blending influences of Venom, Saint Vitus and Cirith Ungol in the raw underground cult doom idiom.

Track Listing:

1. For Doom the Bell Tolls 02:24
2. Twelve Bells Toll in Salem 13:00
3. This World Is Doomed 06:15
4. Draped in Sepulchral Fog 02:26
5. The Spines of Saturn 07:56
6. Live like an Angel, Die like a Devil (Venom cover) 04:51

Run Time 36:52

Recommended for Fans of: Saint Vitus, Candlemsass, Primordial.


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