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Dark Fury – Fortress of Eagles


Dark Fury

Fortress of Eagles


Under the Sign of Garazel Productions

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Artist: Dark Fury

Title:  Fortress of Eagles

Format: CD

Label: Under the Sign of Garazel Productions

Description: Fourth album and one that made my top 5 of the year back in 2008, building on the solid and furious Slavonic attack of the previous albums and EPs, ‘A Fortress of Eagles’ added more extreme and varied vocals than in the past resulting in what I think is one of Dary Fury’s premier efforts.

Recommended For Fans Of: Flame of War, Ohtar, Thor’s Hammer and Selbstmord.

Track Listing:

1. Intro 01:16
2. My Land 02:49
3. Heroes of the Past 03:45
4. Born White 03:44
5. For Blood and Honour 04:23
6. Slavonic Thunder 03:00
7. Dark Fury 02:47
8. Our Domination 02:25
9. Betrayers Among Us 03:04
10. I’ll Never Believe 03:04
11. Outro 00:48
Run Time: 31:05



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