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Ases – Of Moonlords and Sunwheel Warriors



Of Moonlords and Sunwheel Warriors


Taran Production

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Artist: Ases

Title: Of Moonlords and Sunwheel Warriors

Format: CD

Label: Taran Production

Description: Taking on the lo fi production values and improving them ever so slightly and then adding a Pagan / Folk slant to the Black Metal delivered then look no further than this Gaellic horde!

Recommended For Fans Of: Aes Dana, Le Legions Noire and Ad Hominem.

Track Listing:

1. Black Metal Knights 02:59
2. Domination 03:34
3. Voices of Vengeance 04:02
4. Burn the Neo-hippies 03:34
5. Sons of the Earth 05:26
6. The Call of the Emperor 04:04
7. Of Moonlords and Sunwheelwarriors 04:06
8. The Patriots 06:07
9. The Emperor’s Theme (Outro) 13:22
Run Time: 47:14

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