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Arghoslent – Incorrigible Bigatory



Incorrigible Bigatory

Digipak CD

Drakkar Records

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Artist: Arghoslent

Title: Incorrigible Bigatory

Format: Digipak CD

Label: Drakkar Records


Track Listing:

1. Flogging the Cargo 03:27
2. The Purging Fires of War 06:33
3. Quelling the Simian Surge 04:52
4. Heirs to Perdition 05:21
5. Archaic Invincibility 04:53
6. Incorrigible Bigotry 08:26
7. Hereditary Taint 04:28
8. Mob of the Howling 04:41

Recommended For Fans Of: Grand Belial’s Key, Venom, and Iron Maiden.

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